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Poknapham ePaper Online Newspaper:
Poknapham Newspaper is Meitei newspaper, published from Imphal, Manipur and Silchar, Assam. It’s head office located at Imphal. This news papers was started in 1 February, 1975 by Gurumayum Shantikumari Devi.

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The official website of Poknapham is poknapham.in and You can open the Poknapham Newspaper website to get the latest information around your city and world Open: poknapham.in

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  1. Th Shyam says:

    Dear Editor,
    I would like to share some seen and unrecognized area of our education sector. As aware that government has declare right to education to all the citizens of the country from kids to higher level. In Manipur there is a system of added type of educational institution. The employee in this added type of institution are getting numeration as fund provided by the govt. time to time. but their duty as same as other full fledged govt. employee. The plight of the employee of the added school/ college compare to the employee of full fledged employee ; see what will be the rational. There is some abstract of non disregardful among the society itself. Many promises tabled by the Government functionaries have gone to HELL . So many talented scholars are lying in this added sector, but some lucky fellows have achieved good platform with non quality. Govt. should look into this matter seriously. They must not play time pass method promising false propaganda saying there is no fund. They must keep funds for education sector. There must not added sector in education area. But our people’s representative also could not see in this area because they are seems to be . blind. they should be given what is the important of EDUCATION.
    With regards.
    Th. Shyam
    Hanchara Manipuri Gaon,
    Sinhadwar, Sivsagar Assam.

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