Statesman ePaper Online Newspaper

Statesman ePaper Online Newspaper:
Statesman is english newspaper published in Bhubaneshwar, Delhi, Kolkata, Delhi, Siliguri. It’s head office is located at Kolkata. This news papers was established in 1811-75 by owned by Nachiketa Publications Limited.

Statesman Newspaper Official Website:
The official website of Statesman is and You can open the Statesman Newspaper website to get the latest information around your city and world Open:

Statesman ePaper Link:
You can read the Statesman epaper at this Url
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Statesman Contact Email Id:
If you want to share any news and any information about your city then you can e-mail to :

Statesman Contact Address:
4 Chowringhee Square, Kolkata, 700001

Phone: (033) 22127070-76


Fax : (033) 2212-6181 / 9473

Website Official:


  1. gourdev chatterjee says:

    Confirmed. Let me see the paper.


  2. rajanta mitra says:

    I want to read dainik the statesman

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